Zawiercie Crystal

Zawiercie Huta Szkla Gospodarczego

Zawiercie Crystal – A Polish Tradition Since 1884

zawiercie pressed crystal

Zawiercie Crystal, once highly valued by the Tsars of Russia and the rulers of the Hapsburg Empire, known all over the world. Zawiercie crystal glass patterns are classics in their own right. The Zawiercie factory still makes the same patterns that it has for decades plus it makes newer patterns that fit some special trends in crystal.

The Zawiercie company is a high quality, reliable manufacturer. It has thousands of forms in its files. It can make your own private line and provide you private packaging.

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Zawiercie Glassworks is situated in Zawiercie, Southern Poland, and was established over 100 years ago (1884). It initially produced lighting glass, coloured and painted domestic glassware and crystal glass articles.

Currently it produces machine-formed and hand-decorated crystal glass goblets and tumblers, mouth blown and hand decorated vases, decanters, bowls, ice buckets, candy boxes and many other crystal items. All are produced with the pride that a trademark of the Zawiercie Glassworks.

The large variety of crystal products that meet the requirements of the most demanding customers are the result of the work of a highly qualified staff of blowers, decorators and artists who create unique patterns.polish crystal catalogs

Zawiercie has a large international customer base. In North America customers include Dillards, TJMaxx, Marshalls, Hudson’s Bay and Winners.

In England Harrods is included in the list of customers. Other countries where the Zawierce Crystal is sold include France, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Australia, Japan, Korea, Egypt and Israel.

The factory employs between 5 and 6 hundred people. All crystal articles produced in the factory contain 24%PbO.

There are five standard brands of glasses: Monica, Oxford, Vilanów, Royal, Windsor. There are also many private restricted cuts for private glass lines. Custom designs may be added to any of the five standard glass lines.

The factory is very flexible and can produce almost any shape that a customer requests.

There are four general product price groups. Expensive, large mouth blown items or items with rich designs. Prices are usually above $21 per piece. Medium priced mouth blown pieces and large pressed items. Prices range from $8 to $20 per piece. Low cost glasses, small mouth blown items and pressed items. Prices range from $2 to $7.

Private label and restricted designs are priced based on the cost of the mould, the artistry and production costs.

Special Packing – High quality special packing increases sales. Look at some examples by clicking here.Zawiercie Packing.

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