Watering Balls

Watering Balls

Watering balls are functional household items that are somewhat like potato chips. You can’t stop after one. Once someone has one, they usually come back for more.

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Watering balls are glass globes that self water plants over an extended period of time. Many people have never heard of a watering ball no less seen one. When they see a watering ball the first time they usually look at them skeptically. But once they try one, they come back for more.

If you are interested in a business opportunity, consider what one man is doing with these in the UK. He started by ordering one pallet of watering balls. They were sold at a promotional discount to selected garden center. They reordered. And so did he.

Now he orders at least a truckload a month, and has commissioned salesmen supplying garden centers and gift shops all over the county. See Distribution Opportunities.

It is something that you can start with a low investment and build.


Watering Balls, How They Work

Beautiful, functional watering balls are designed to slowly release water to drying soil. To use a watering ball:

1. Create a channel in the soil by placing the stem of the empty watering ball into the soil at a slight angle

2. Remove the watering ball from the soil and clear any soil from stem of the watering ball.

3. Fill the watering ball to 2/3 with water and place in previously-created channel.

4. Refill as necessary.


Here is a video that shows you more about watering balls


Watering balls come in six basic colors. The pictures below show some of the many colors available.

Understanding how they are made is important to understanding the colors.


blue watering ballfresco watering ball green watering ball
green fresco watering ball purple watering ballred watering ball

First a globe is made in a basic color such as blue, red or one of the others. The globe is then heated and rolled in a tray that has glass balls of many colors.

The colored glass balls stick to the globe. It is reheated and the balls melt, spread on the surface and fuse to the base globe.

Hence you get the many and random colors on the basic globe.

Each ball is unique.








watering ball display watering balls against plants watering ball in pot

Watering balls also come in many sizes and shapes. To the right are pictures of some of them. For the most part, however, the medium and large round balls are the most preferred by the average customer. These other shapes are available on special order only.

Click on picture for a larger view.


For information about distribution, catalogs and price lists for wholesale quantities of this product, go to Polish Product Information Center

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