Start Import Export Business

To Start An Import Export Business

This page gives you guidance and help in starting your import export business.

It is easy to start an import export business. You will need little more than some samples and a simple website. But you do need that one characteristic that is necessary to succeed in business. And that is determination. And a lot of it.

This page will focus on starting a business related to importing products to your country and selling them as a wholesaler, retailer and drop ship supplier. Business activities related to exporting your products are covered in a separate page.

As a first step, you must recognize that success comes when you focus. Focus on a single product or product line. For example, focus on one amber jewelry line, one crystalline, or one glass line.

And then it is best to focus on a very narrow market segment when you are first starting.

Perhaps this case study will best illustrate a what we are trying to say.

A man was looking for products for garden centers. He chose one particular glass product that he wanted to test market. He ordered some samples.

Because he had samples in hand and he really had no business he did not have the best prices from the factory.

He visited garden centers, showed the product, and took orders. He aggregated enough orders to be able to order a pallet load of the product.

Even when ordering a pallet load, these prices still were not the best because the shipping cost of a pallet load was still high on a per unit basis as compared to ordering by a truck load.

He delivered to his customers and continued to visit other garden centers.

He then hired a salesman to supplement its activities.

He and the salesman visited garden centers, aggregated orders and ordered larger quantities of the product.

He then started attending trade shows where he offered the product.

Eventually he started ordering the product by the truckload. And he eventually employed several salesman.

It is important to note that this man did not have heavy startup costs.

He started with a simple website which website contained basically contact information and some information about what he was offering. What it really did was just present himself as being serious. That website only cost a few dollars to get online. See your first website.

And then he had the cost of samples. In his case with shipping involved the samples cost about $250.

The biggest cost that he had was his cost of time.

And he spent that time on marketing and sales.

He also smoothed the process of quality assurance, ordering and shipping by paying a procurement agent who is located in the suppliers country – which happens to be Poland.


Import Export Is All About Marketing And Sales

When it comes down to it, the success of any business depends on marketing and sales.

You can have the greatest product in the world, but if you do not have salesman out visiting and talking to customers, you are going to fail.

You can do that marketing in many ways.

But at the end of the day it’s all about personal contact. That can be by phone. That can be by Skype video conferencing.

Of course before you get into business, you will have to do some planning. And you will have to understand the import export process itself.

Once you get to the point where you have to inventory on hand, you can expand your operations by offering to drop ship products for others who do not wish to maintain an inventory but who wish to sell online. This can be a significant income opportunity for someone who is interested in selling specialty products. Information about that can be found at this link. Increase Sales By Drop Shipping

As far as finding some specialty products, here is a link to some interesting products that you might consider. Gifts

If you have a particular product in mind now, you can contact us with a request for information by going to this link. Polish Product Information Center

Finding products and getting them to you can be made much easier if you use a procurement agent. Yes, they get compensated. But it is like having an employee on the ground in country that you only have to pay when they perform. Information about procurement agents is at procurment services.

You can avoid the problems of the import process by using the services of a professional import export agent or by using products that are already stored in a bonded warehouse in the United States by the factories who are exporting to the United States.

Many people come to this page to learn about starting an import export business do not realize the full opportunities available to them especially when they are getting just started. So in order to help those who are looking at how to start your own business, whether it be an import export business or an on the business, we provide you hear some links to some other very good sources that will help you to learn the import export business but also teaches you about the other opportunities that are available to you to have a business on the Internet and also other opportunities available to you to sell imported products.




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