Start Drop Shipping Business

Depending on the marketplace in which you wish to sell, you may or may not need either a website or an online store.

Regardless of the marketplace that you choose, your critical decision is your choice of product(s) and supplier(s). Wrong product or wrong product – fail.

Now let us first look at a summary of the steps you take and then we will go through it in detail.

How to start a drop shipping business.

  1. Find suppliers for products you wish to sell.
  2. Determine in which marketplace you wish to sell those products.
  3. Calculate your selling price and compare to competitors in your chosen marketplace.
  4. Establish an online store or not, as dictated by the marketplace you have chosen.

Getting Started

Chose your supplier carefully.

Find products that not everyone is selling. And find products from verified, reliable suppliers. So do not join a drop shipping program and avoid buying from China.

Here is a link to a drop ship directory that has a wealth of information about buying and drop shipping in general. We recommend strongly that you read all the free drop shipping tutorials so that you do not waste time and money. Click here for full information. Directory Of Reliable Suppliers


eBay – You need a reliable supplier that will ship without delay or you will get bad reviews and lose ranking. Check sample listings. You can do this.

Amazon – Once again you need prompt and reliable delivery. Check sample listings. You can do this.

Etsy – Free setup and you can do well there. You don’t need a web site. And they are not as picky as Amazon and eBay. Click to check a sample Esty store. You can do this.

SiteSell – Paid. But there are many options and some people do extremely well there. Do take a look at it.

Shopify – Paid. Not really for the startup. But look at it.

WordPress with WooCommerce . – If you want to be in total control, this is the way to go. And most marketers have a WooCommerce store (or opencart store) in parallel with selling in the main marketplaces.


Read the drop ship guide.





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