Prices And Quantities

Factories expect that you estimate for them the amount of product that you will be buying before they give you a price.

But many people say that the amount that they will buy depends on the price they get.

So the factories ignore them.


Because not only does price depend on volume, giving a price list to someone is only done AFTER the factory can be assured that you will order at least the factory minimum.

Any professional can give a factory a fair estimate of volume that they buy now. Do they buy by case lots, do they buy by the pallet load, do they buy by the container load, how many cases, pallets or containers do they buy per year?

If it is a new product line for you, you should be able to estimate whether you are going to buy $500, $1,000, $10,000, or whatever more each order.

Of course price will affect sales. You will just have to assume that the product is priced so that it is marketable.

After all, the factory is probably selling to other distributors now. If they are selling the product, you should be able to.

If you are not sure, give the factory something to work with. Such as:

You own a small shop that sells about $YY,000 per month in various products and want to add this product line and hope for monthly sales of $xx,000 dollars per month.

You are a startup gift shop.

You are currently buying 1 million euro per year in candles and want to add a new product line.

You are a buyer for 200 client gift shops.

You will add the product line to your retail shop, currently selling about $YY,000 per month and start distributing to other businesses.

If you asked for prices and said something like the amount you will order depends on the price, and did not include any information similar to what is above, you will probably be ignored.

Especially if you used an email address like hotmail, yahoo or gmail. See Look Professional Or Be Ignored.

If you have been ignored to date, here are two directories that you can use to find products. Be sure to use the information above when you contact the people listed.

World Wide Brands

Buyers Directory

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