Polish Product Dropshippers

This page discusses drop shipping Polish products and where to find a source of products manufactured in Poland to drop ship.

Generally speaking, factories and distributors in Poland do not drop ship to addresses outside the country.

And generally speaking, even if they did, you probably would not want to any company in Poland as your drop ship supplier because of the shipping costs and the VAT tax rules. You simply would not find it appropriate to pay over $50 plus postage charges and having an invoice showing what you paid for the product included in the package.

If you want to have Polish products drop shipped for you, you must make arrangements with a distributor in your country or join a drop shipping program that stocks Polish products.

In direct answer to those who want to drop ship Polish pottery, read How To Drop Ship Polish Pottery.

You are also cautioned about making the classic mistake of offering products from more than one supplier in one web site. Read Multiple Drop Ship Suppliers

Summary – This Chamber does not know of any company, factory or source in Poland that drop ships products from Poland.

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