Polish Pottery Outlet

Where to find and how to set up your own Polish pottery outlet.

Factory Outlets Poland

In Poland you can find outlets in Boleslawiec itself and in Warsaw.

There is one factory outlet store in Warsaw. The remaining factory outlet stores are in Boleslawiec.

There are retail outlets in Warsaw.

The videos in this page give you information about each mentioned.

You are invited to watch each.

If you are interested in starting your own Polish pottery outlet these videos show you some floor plans and inventory layouts.

The outlets shown in these videos are in Boleslawiec, Warsaw and Wilanow, Poland.

You can start small and build bit by bit. See Starting A Polish Pottery Business.

Consider how you can use Amazon and eBay to build your business before you rent space for a shop. There are millions of customers on Amazon each day. It is a matter of using Amazon FBA to store your pottery inventory and then selling it on eBay and Amazon.

You then roll your profits into increased inventory.

If you have enough money to invest in larger quantities of product, when you start, be sure to put emphasis on small pieces such as cups, saucers, and knickknacks. They are high profit, fast turnover items.

Retail Pottery Outlet, Warsaw

The video to the right shows a retail outlet in Wilanow, Poland. When you tour Warsaw and have the opportunity to tour the Royal Way, you are likely to visit the Royal Palace at Wilanow. This retail outlet is near the entrance to the Park. It is well worth the visit.

There are other shops in the Warsaw Centrum that sell Polish Pottery with nice collections. We do not have a list available of them. Your hotel can help you with information.

To the left is a video of the Zaklady Boleslawiec Polish Pottery Factory Outlet in Warsaw.

It is a very popular place to get good prices from a factory store.

It is near Rondo ONZ. Your hotel staff can direct you if you wish to go there.

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