Polish Linen

tradtional polish linen

This page discusses Polish linen. Within the page are links to other pages in the Chamber website that get more specific as to the various categories and uses of linen that you find in Poland.

Linen is one of Poland’s top exports. One can ascribe the reason to the reliability of the manufacturers as well as to the extremely high quality of the product.

Commercially manufactured linen is exported all over the world to be used by furniture manufacturers. Information about that can be found at this page. Polish Linen Fabric.

Handmade Polish linen is manufactured in a cottage industry by women who have been making linden tablecloths and place mats in the traditional way. It is not available wholesale and for someone outside Poland rather difficult to get. You can get information about these linen tablecloths at this page. Linen Tablecloths

Like with any product that you are buying the first time from Poland, or any country for that fact, it is best to use a procurement service to make sure that you get the right linen from the right factory in the right time. Actually, if you use a procurement service, it is quite possible that you be able to negotiate a better price for commercially available product then you could get on your own.

And if you want to purchase a handmade linen the tablecloths a procurement service of some form is a necessity.

Here is a link to our free information service for personal help.

And here is a link for information about using a procurement service.

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