Lyme Disease In Poland

Tick borne diseases, including Lyme Disease are prevalent in Poland.

The Polish Flag

Treatment of Lyme Disease, as recommended by the Polish National Health Service, follows guidelines similar to those published by the Center For Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Reimbursement by NFZ for medical expenses is for expenses incurred for treatment in accordance with those guidelines.

Costs for treatment by an doctor commonly known as an LLMD is not reimbursed and the patient must see private care.

Those private LLMD physicians ascribe to the theory that there is a condition known as chronic Lyme Disease.

As part of their diagnosis of a chronic state of the disease, they use the Melisa test, a recently developed test that will generally show an active bacteria.

Given the propensity for Polish people to go into the forests when they are damp to gather mushrooms, the chances for a tick bite are quite high and with that the chances of being infected are also high.

Those who intend to engage in any outdoor activities are encouraged to review the necessary procedural steps that they should take to avoid being bitten by a tick. Information about that can be found at Lyme Disease Ticks.

This disease is found in many places around the world. And it mimics many other diseases so it is many times misdiagnosed.

It behooves everyone to understand the disease.

For complete information go to About Lyme Disease

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