The Poland Import Export Chamber Of Commerce Online

List Of Buyers

This Chamber maintains a list of buyer for Polish products.

In the past, we have posted the list for general viewing. But due to heavy spam and abuse, we now maintain that list private and provide information to Polish companies and foreign companies that sell Polish products on request.

There are over 15,000 requests to buy Polish products in our database.

The buyers listed range from major wholesale and retail chains to individuals looking to buy for their personal use.

We will distribute your catalog to those buyers. Use the image at the right.

The catalogs will go to people in Poland that are interested in products but also people all over the world.

Adding your catalog is free advertising for you.



Those buyers who are requesting product in sufficient volume to make economic sense for the products to be shipped from Poland will be provided to Polish companies.

The smaller product requirements will be provided to companies located in the country from which the request came, provided they are selling Polish products.

These companies have free access to the information in that database by simply requesting information about a specific product category. After we verify that the applying company is in fact a Polish company or selling Polish products, we will provide data as we get it.

Please note that this service is only for Polish companies and companies selling Polish products. And do please note that we will verify that that is the case before we provide information.

We will send you details once you let us know that your are interested.

We do hope that this list of buyers service will be helpful to you.

If you own a Polish company or a company that sells Polish products, please contact us using the free information service. Tell us a bit about your company and what market segment or product line is of particular interest to you.