Sources and information about Poland’s jewelry making industry.

When the word “Old World Jewelry Craftsmen” are used, Poland is one of those countries that immediately comes to mind as one of those places that you find some of the finest.

Making jewelry is as much a country tradition as it is an industry. For centuries Europe and countries to the East relied on the Amber Road to get raw amber as well as polished and finished amber products.

Though the amber trade dominated the early industry, silver work to support that industry soon became very important.

With time the Country developed a reputation for quality, creativity and reliability. And that reputation continues.

Not only is Polish jewelry industry admired for its creativity, it is widely copied.

If you are looking for sources of jewelry, here is a link to catalogs

The industry is geographically widespread around the country. Though Gdansk remains the head of the Amber road with many artists and manufacturers there, one finds sources around most all major cities.

And one also will note that the product types are as diverse as the artists.

It almost seems fashionable for people to start very small businesses selling hand crafted works of art.

And if you like the idea of something hand crafted, look at the video below.

To give you a feel for the traditional ways that amber has been processed, included here is a video showing how amber was fashioned before the days of electricity.

Please note that there are more Polish product videos in our YouTube Channel AboutPolishProducts

And once again, here is a link to the catalogs.


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