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How Many Pallets Fit In A Container

The number of pallets in a container depends on the pallet sizes loaded into the container. If the container is loaded with only europallets, a 20 foot container holds 11 pallets in one tier. If it is loaded with standard pallets, it will hold 9 pallets.

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Though there are many pallet sizes, the two most common are standard and europallets. A standard pallet is the larger of the two. It measures 1 meter by 1.2 meters. A europalllet measures .8 meters by 1.2 meters.

One can load 11 europallets on one tier in a 20 foot container. And a 40 foot container will hold 23 or 24, depending on how they are arranged.

One can load 9 or 10 standard pallets on one tier in a 20 foot container, depending on how they are arranged. And one can load 20 or 21 pallets in one tier in a 40 foot container.

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One should always remember that container loading is dependent on more than just area occupied by the pallets.

If the product shipped is light, it may be possible to go to 2 tier loading.

One the other hand, if the product is heavy, the weight of the load may reduce the number of pallets that can be shipped in a container.

To the left below is a graphic illustration of typical container loading.

Road weight limits must always be taken into consideration. So though you may be able to get your load into the container, you may not be able to ship it over the roads at one of the required transit points.

If you are shipping large numbers of cartons, it may be more economical for you to bulk load the container instead of using pallets.

One must consider labor costs involved. It the entire shipment goes to a final destination, the buyer may be happy to have a bulk loaded container.

But the buyer may require pallets in order to unload and store the product on racks for further distribution.

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When discussing with your supplier the loading of the pallets, factor into the conversation the loading height.

In some cases you will be able to stack the pallets quite high.

Your supplier is most likely the best source of information about how your pallets should be loaded for most efficient shipping and to avoid breakage.

They are very interested in customer satisfaction and generally make special effort to be sure that your product gets to you undamaged and as quickly as possible.

There is no doubt that your shipping agent can probably help you, but your first source of the information should be the factory that is loading the product for you.

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