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European has long been known for its garden art. Ornamental gardens are everywhere. And even in small villages the people cling to the old traditions of attracting fairies and warding off evil spirits by adding decorative garden ornaments and art.

Here is a collection of glass garden ornaments that have their origin in the history of Old Europe. Included in the pages is gazing globe art that now includes floating, lighted glass globes, glass bird feeders and oil lamps. And there is some art glass also.

Gazing Globes

The gazing globe is an original product of Europe that has a history based on mysticism. It was, and still is in many quarters, believed that they attract good spirits and good fairies who come to gaze on the beauty of the globe. And to make a home more attractive to these spirits, the globes are placed in flower gardens so that the spirits can enjoy the flowers as well as the globe.

Watering Balls

Watering balls are functional household items that are somewhat like potato chips. You can’t stop after one.

Garden Waterers, Gazing Globes and Oil Lamps

The history of Europe records that gazing globes attract fairies, and other wonderful garden spirits. Gazing globes mounted on hand made and creative artwork of metal and stone have added color and spirit to European gardens for centuries

About Glass Plant Waterer Sample Packs

The glass ball plant waterer presents a significant sales opportunity to any gift shop, flower shop or garden center. The watering ball is also an excellent items for drop shippers.

Gazing Globes And Art Glass

Gazing Globes as an art form and art glass pieces.

Gazing Globes As Oil Lamps

These oil lamps are some of our fastest moving items. They really make a patio look good.

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