Gazing Globes

Gazing Globes

These globes come directly from Poland. They are hand blown and hand colored. First a colored globe is hand blown. Then they are rolled in a tray of special colored glass and heated again to fuse all the glass together as one piece. Every globe is different. You are getting a first quality, unique piece of art.






The history of Europe records that gazing globes attract fairies, and other wonderful garden spirits. Gazing globes mounted on hand made and creative artwork of metal and stone have added color and spirit to European gardens for centuries. Use gazing globes to add color to your garden, make your pond light and sprightly, keep water in your bird fountain or add that special lighting to your garden or walkway. You can add an electric bulb to the bulb and light your walkway or table. They can even be lighted and hung from the ceiling. (EU and UL approved wiring kits are available.)

 Gazing Globe 1  Gazing Globe 2  Gazing Globe 3
 Gazing Globe 4  Gazing Globe 5  Gazing Globe 6
 Gazing Globe 7 Gazing Globe 8  Gazing Globe 9

Gazing globes can also be used to keep bird baths filled, animal waterers filled and to water plants.

The 9 colors available are as presented at the right

The stand shown in these pictures is not included.












gazing globes three size comparison
GG-MM09 GG-M05 GG-04

To the right is a comparison of the three sizes (click to enlarge).

Gazing Glove Sizes and Codes:
8″ – code GG-MM
10″ – code GG-M
12″- code GG



Decorative Globes

The globes listed here are used as hanging planters, pond floaters and patio, trellis and plant and shrubbery hangers.

Watering Balls

Watering balls are functional household items that are somewhat like potato chips. You can’t stop after one. Once someone has one, they usually come back for more.

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