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Garden Waterers, Gazing Globes and Oil Lamps

In this page you find information about many forms of glass globes that are generally used for garden and patio decoration.

polish gazing globe

The globes in this page are made by one company in Poland. Each globe is further described in its own page. But since a garden center may be interested in all these products, we show you what you can include in one order to save shipping costs by fully utilizing pallet space.

If you are unsure as to how many pallets will fit in a container, look at Container Loading.

And look at the Master Distributor page to review the significant business opportunity related to these garden products.

If you plan properly, you can develop a significan wholesale business supplying garden centers without much investment.

If you are interested we can provide you with a case study of a man who started with only a few items on this page and now orders each month by the truckload.



Gazing Globes

These globes come directly from Poland. They are hand blown and hand colored. First a colored globe is hand blown. Then they are rolled in a tray of special colored glass and heated again to fuse all the glass together as one piece. Every globe is different. You are getting a first quality, unique piece of art.

The history of Europe records that gazing globes attract fairies, and other wonderful garden spirits. Gazing globes mounted on hand made and creative artwork of metal and stone have added color and spirit to European gardens for centuries. Use gazing globes to add color to your garden, make your pond light and sprightly, keep water in your bird fountain or add that special lighting to your garden or walkway. You can add an electric bulb to the bulb and light your walkway or table. They can even be lighted and hung from the ceiling. (EU and UL approved wiring kits are available.)

 Gazing Globe 1  Gazing Globe 2  Gazing Globe 3

 Gazing Globe 4




 Gazing Globe 9





Gazing globes can


 Gazing Globe 8

also be used to keep bird baths filled, animal waterers filled and to water plants.

The 9 colors available are as presented at the left

 Gazing Globe 7 Gazing Globe 6  Gazing Globe 5

The stand shown in these pictures is not included.

gazing globes three size comparison
GG-MM09 GG-M05 GG-04

To the right is a comparison of the three sizes (click to enlarge).

Sizes and codes:
8″ – code GG-MM
10″ – code GG-M
12″- code GG

For complete information about Gazing Globes, buying them and distributor opportunities, go to Gazing Globes




Watering Balls

 Watering Ball 1  Watering Ball 2 Watering Ball 3
 Watering Ball 4  Watering Ball 5  Watering Ball 6

Beautiful, functional watering balls are designed to slowly release water to drying soil. To use a watering ball:

1. Create a channel in the soil by placing the stem of the empty watering ball into the soil at a slight angle

2. Remove the watering ball from the soil and clear any soil from stem of the watering ball.

3. Fill the watering ball to 2/3 with water and place in previously-created channel.

4. Refill as necessary.

Sizes and codes:
2.3″ – code WB-MM
2.7″ – code WB-M
3.6″ – code WB


6 colors as presented above. There is a base color to each bulb but then each is covered with a random pattern of other colors. No two balls are the same. All one can say is that the bulbs have the same general base color.

For complete information about buying and distributing watering balls, go to Watering Balls.



Oil Lamps

 Oil Lamp 1  Oil Lamp 2
 Oil Lamp 3  Oil Lamp 4
 Oil Lamp 5 Oil Lamp 6

These oil lamps are some of our fastest moving items. They really make a patio look good. Click on thumbnail for bigger picture

Size and code:
4.8″ – code OL

9 colors as presented on gazing globes

The bottom two pictures show the oil lamps in metal stands. The stands are not included with the lamps. They can be ordered separately from another company to which you will be referred.







Globe Lamps

 Globe Lamp 1  Globe Lamp 2
 Globe Lamp 3  Globe Lamp 4

These lamps come with a metal insert that holds an oil container or a candle. All lamps are shipped with an oil container with a wick. You can see the insert in the pictures of the floating lamps. The stand is not included. Click on thumbnail for bigger picture

Sizes and codes:
8″ – code GL-M
10″ – code GL

9 colors as presented on gazing globes



Floating Oil Lamps and Globe Lamps

 Globe Lamp 5
 Globe Lamp 6

These are lighted, floating globes with oil containers. The oil container comes with the globe. You can use the oil or change the container for a candle. The globes have an odd shape that makes them sit properly in the water. Click on the picture for more detail.

Sizes and codes:
Oil Lamp: 4.8″ – code FG-MM
Globe Lamp: 8″ – code FG-M

9 colors as presented on gazing globes


Garden Decorations

Decoration 1Decoration 2
Decoration 3  Decoration 4

The first picture shows a glass container that can be used as a hanging planter or bird house.

The second picture shows ornamental balls that can be used ad pond floaters or hangind decorations. These 9 cm (3.6″) and 12 cm (4.8″) diameter balls have a glass loop to which you can attach an anchor so that they can be placed just where you want them in your pond. Pond floats add wonderful color to any water arrangement and are excellent sellers.

Ornamental Balls and Pine Cones (12 cm, 4.8″) can also be set in hanging arrangements in trellises, or on iron holders placed throughout your garden.

Click on picture for larger view.


For wholesale information about these garden gazing globes and garden decorations, please give us some details so we can best help you. Go to Catalogs – Price Lists – Contact Factories And Factory Representatives Directly

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