Fake Amber With Insects

The market for amber with insects is huge. And now at least one company in China is imitating nature and manufacturing “amber” with insects. It is using high technology to sell plastic with insects and calling it amber.

immitation amber with insect

This is what this company has to say about its “amber” in an unsolicited email to this Chamber proposing that we introduce this product into the Polish market. we have copied this information directly from their email.

The information is printed here so that you can make fully informed decisions about what you should sell as genuine amber. Here is the quotation from their email.

“We are an eight-year-old factory manufacturing man-made insect amber products and at present the largest manufacturer in China. The products integrate both advanced technology and modern design to meet the request of most captious clients of all over the world. There are a great variety of types and models for our products such as promotion gifts, insects jewelry, clover jewelry and gifts, home decoration, teaching specimen , etc. Please kindly find enclosed some pictures of our products.

Nowadays the amber products are become more and more popular in the world especially in Europe and the United States. Our customers have expressed their keen interest by keeping us in full production since our products went into the international market.”

amber with insect fake fake amber with insect

This Chinese amber can be best distinguished by a its uniformity. The insects are well displayed in the center of clear plastic. Here are pictures of what the company proposed to us.

In the very rare happenstance that you find an insect in Natural Baltic amber, you can be sure that it will not be mounted in a trinket. And you can be sure that it will be naturally lodged in the amber as would an insect that was trapped in and died in tree sap millions of years ago. And finally, since amber stones with insects are rare, the price for that piece of amber will be high.amber catalogs

Genuine amber is a product of nature. Resins made to look like amber are not genuine amber. They are plastic.

There are many kinds of amber on the market. Perhaps the best summary of the different types of amber are contained in the page entitled About Amber And Types of Amber.

And you are invited to read our Amber Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Fake Amber With Insects
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