Egg Plate

Decorative Egg Plate

A review of a decorative egg plate and deviled egg tray or carrier.

Deviled Egg Plate

Made for the tabletop, this is a decorative, eye appealing serving dish.

There are two sizes of these egg platters and two color schemes – one being clear and the other being opaque. And there are different colors within each tray color scheme.

It is designed to be more than an egg server. The center area offers many opportunities for you to exercise your creativity and to make something very attractive for your friends guests and family.

Many times deviled eggs and party platters are made at home and taken to a family gathering or party. You don’t have to worry about breaking a serving dish when you use this item because it is made of strong unbreakable polystyrene. It’s very comforting to know that you won’t lose something valuable if someone accidentally slips and breaks your treasured glass. This one comes home in the same condition it left.

So if you need a good egg carrier, this is good for you.

It is used in Europe around the holidays for deviled eggs which are traditional at the Easter table. And in Russia, it is extremely popular. People place in the center of traditional Easter Russian cake called Kulich and around the edge they place eggs. This appropriately decorated platter is then taken to the church for blessing.

At Name Day parties and other occasions the platter can be filled with devil eggs and assorted salad items in the center.

It can also be used as a party tray in general. You can fill it with your favorite chips, crisps and whatever else around the edges and put a dip in the center.

Many times the dips are added in a bowl in the center so that the ball may be removed easily for refill.

There are two sizes and two color schemes.

The larger size is extremely popular around the holidays and is used as a centerpiece. The smaller sizes are often transported for name day parties and other gatherings.

The video shows some pictures of various uses of the serving dish.

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