Dropship Manufacturers List

Dropship Manufacturers List

How to get a drop ship manufacturers list.

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As discussed in the Drop Ship Guide, there are drop shippers all around you. But many of them are either retailers or wholesalers.

The best lists of manufacturers are provided by companies that maintain drop ship directories.

Below are links to what many consider the best sources of lists of manufacturers and import/distributors.

If you are a manufacturer or importer, you should contact the directory owners and apply to have your company added to their database.

If you are interested in going directly to the source of the products to get the best prices, then a drop ship directory is essential.

In addition to a directory, you should also stay up to date with the latest advances in sales and marketing on the web.

Entrepreneurs are continually changing systems and methods in an effort to improve your ability to sell. You should keep up with that be staying on mailing lists, taking courses and watching the forums.

Here is our list of top drop shipping sources.


World Wide Brands

The top recommendation is the World Wide Brands Drop Ship Directory.

The up front entry cost is a bit higher than other programs, but the value is there.

Not only is the list of drop ship suppliers large and unmatched by anyone else, the training package and support are fantastic.

They have millions of products available.

They have a money back guarantee plan. So if you are worried and want a guarantee, you might as well take the best product and start with it.

Go directly to World Wide Brands


Wholesale Pages

This directory started out focusing on companies in the United Kingdom. It has since expanded the number of listings. But if you are located in the UK this is a very important directory for you.

American Drop Shippers

This is totally focused on the US and is a very good choice for people who located in the US and who are interested in short shipping times.

Wholesale Products Catalogs

Now this is not a drop ship directory. And it contains catalogs from many different companies. Some will drop ship wholesale. Some may drop ship retail. This is really for the advanced and internet experienced. But you might want to take a look.


We do hope that this drop ship manufacturers list page has helped.

Dropship Manufacturers List
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