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Drop Shipping In Europe

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About drop shipping in Europe and what you can do to use third party order fulfillment in the EU.

Drop Shipping is not generally available within Europe, or more specifically, within the European Union because of the European Union tax laws.

One of the basic advantages of drop shipping, as practiced in non European Union countries, is that the person receiving the product not know that the product was drop shipped and that the invoice in the package is from the person they paid.

Put another way, you, as a person who maintains a web site and wants to use drop shipping, do not want your customer to receive the invoice that is made out to you with the price that you paid for the product on it.

But in the European Union, your customer gets the invoice issued to you.

Let us explain this by way of example.

To ship a product from Poland to the United Kingdom one must include with the product the invoice with the price paid by the buyer.

If a buyer orders the product to be drop shipped to a third party, the third party gets the invoice that must be issued to the buyer.

In short, the third party gets the invoice with the buyers price and not the price that the third party paid for it.

The invoicing is done this way because that is the way the VAT laws dictate it be done.

The end result is that drop shipping is generally not available in European Union countries unless products are shipped from outside the European into the European Union.

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Drop Shipping Europe
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