Drop Ship Polish Pottery

How to find suppliers who will drop ship Polish pottery for you and how to start drop shipping.

You can drop ship Polish pottery by making arrangements with a distributor who is willing to ship to your customers and who is willing to sell single items to you at a discounted price.

polish pottery inventory
Polish Pottery Outlet Inventory

Since the Polish pottery factories do not maintain inventories because they manufacture only to order, they do not drop ship. They supply distributors who can meet their factory order minimums.

So to drop ship Polish pottery you have to find someone who has sufficient inventory to be a reliable supplier.

There are other very important things that you should consider. But first it is recommended that you read the information here that discusses how to find someone who will drop ship for you. Finding Local Drop Ship Suppliers

One of the things that you should consider is the long term relationship with the customer. That has to be firmly laid out in your agreement with the supplier. Don’t get caught in the trap of building a list of customers only to have the supplier go around you and sell directly to them.

You must come to an equitable pricing agreement. Most of the Polish Pottery wholesalers also sell retail. So as a drop shipper, you will be competing with them. You may be locked into their pricing structure.

You may do best by finding someone with a smaller, but focused inventory. They are more likely to be interested in working with you. You will increase their turnover and cash flow and make it better for them to expand their inventory and the selection of products that you can offer.

There is also information about how to select a drop ship supplier in the discusssion about drop ship directories.

Drop Ship Polish Pottery
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