Catalog Showroom

This is an opportunity for both wholesale and retail sales out of a catalog showroom. The catalog showrooms shown here are successful and profitable.

catalog showroom.

Most sales are made via the internet as opposed to on the internet. Studies show that people use the internet as a big catalog and then look for someone local that they can visit to buy the product. They are not always interested in the cheapest price. They want a good price with excellent service.

You will make more sales if they know that they can visit a location and see the product. But most of all, they want to see you and get to know you.

You do not need a large showroom. And you do not need a lot of product. Of course, the more you have the more you sell. But as long as you promote the location as a catalog showroom, they will accept the fact that you have display items only. If you have extra or a good supply chain, sell them what is on the shelf and restock as fast as you can.

Here are some examples of how products are displayed in some very successful catalog showrooms. These are fairly good sized and well stocked. You can start with less. It just has to be well lighted and well laid out.

These showrooms are chosen because of their simplicity. The investment is mostly into inventory. Shelving and decoration costs are minimal.

Amber Glass

This is a very small room. The inventory on the shelves here is worth about 4000 Euro (the number will change with the exchange rate).

Christmas Ornaments


Christmas ornaments are displayed on wooden racks. This is a metal rack that is also used to display Christmas ornaments.

Each rack is filled with different Christmas Ornaments Notice how all the wall space is covered with inexpensive Christmas Ornament racks.

To keep people from getting too close to the Christmas Ornament racks, display shelves are all along the baseboards. Here is another view of the baseboard shelves.

This is a hand made Christmas Ornament Chandelier that hangs from a relatively low ceiling so people can see the details of the ornaments.A tree branch is set in a corner to display Christmas Ornaments very well.

HereĀ is a Christmas Ornament Showroom. There are two rooms of ornaments here. There is a third room for inventory and pick off the shelf self service wholesale and retail sales. In this case if you click on the images you will see a larger view.


Though this showroom limits itself to one particular line of Christmas Ornaments, you can use it to show one or more other lines. It is shown here as a concept that really sells.

It is simple. A tree branch, some wooden trellis’s and wire to make a chandelier is about all that you need in addition to the Ornaments.

The Christmas Ornaments in this showroom are those that you see at Mazovian Ornaments

Get complete information about one of these showrooms at Christmas Ornament Showroom.

Krosno Glass

Krosno glass is displayed on long shelves in this showroom.This is the right side of the showroom showing tables of Krosno glass that fill empty floorspace while making inventory storage room.

This showroom promotes Krosno Glass. People can buy wholesale and retail. The inventory on the shelves in this shop is less than 3000 Euro. They use long shelves to keep the people walking and looking.

You may get more information about a Krosno Glass catalog store through Wholesale Products Poland by sending email to inquiries

Amber Showroom

 A very profitable amber and silver jewelry catalog showroom.

Here is one for amber. This small showroom is responsible for many tens of thousands of dollars per month in wholesale sales.

You may get more information about an Amber showroom through Wholesale Products Poland by sending email to inquiries

You may get more information about these stores and other catalog stores, and purchase the products to stock them, through Wholesale Products Poland by sending email via Contact

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