Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

The following business opportunities are generally related to Polish products.


The exception is related to running small businesses on line in that they most often use drop ship suppliers outside Poland.

These are all traditional businesses that take work and effort. None come with wild promises. They are for people who want something with some substance behind it. You don’t necessarily need a lot of money. But you do need a lot of desire.

Starting A Business Course

If you are just starting out, we have a free small business course that will give you some very necessary basics and show you how to start your business with limited cash and no outside help. Even if you have already started, you will probably find it helpful. Go to Starting A Business Course.

Small Business Online

Start An Online Business Almost Free – There is no way that you can start a business free. At best you can do it almost free. You can be sure that if someone tells you can start up and operate free will be right back to sell you something.

Using the drop shipping model is a way to come as close to free as you really can.

How To Drop Ship

Start a business without inventory. This is a way to start an internet based business on a shoestring.


Scaleable Distribution Business

Master Distributorships

This is a unique business opportunity for someone who wants to build a significant income with very little money but consistent effort. There will generally be only one Master Distributor for a product in any one country. Read the details under the link.


Small Business Distribution

The following products present particularly interesting and significant opportunities for a small business.

There are many more, of course, but we see a lot of buyer interest in these particular products.

These businesses require you to invest in inventory. You can sell online or offline.

Pocket Watch Distributor

A low investment business with big potential. You get a complete marketing guide and business planning guide.

Salt Lamp Distributor

This is a particularly interesting Polish product. Do take the time to look at this one.


Natural Baltic Amber

There is a lot you can do with this product.


Baby Teething Necklaces

These are real and not the plastic with which you will quite likely compete.


Wholesale, Retail And Turnkey Opportunities

Watering Globe Showroom

The products are attractive and have a broad market.

Watch Distribution

To help you understand the distribution process, you are invited to read this Watch Distribution Marketing Guide. Once you go through that you will understand the general principles behind wholesale distribution of most product. The marketing guide will open in a new browser window on your computer in your Adobe reader.

Natural Baltic Amber Distributor

This is a distribution business for selling Natural Baltic Amber wholesale or retail, online or off-line, that you can start up quickly, easily, and with a remarkably small investment. With is business you will be able to sell Natural Baltic Amber into many market segments. You will be able to sell to people interested in Fashion jewelry, Medicinal Amber, Amber Baby Teething necklaces and more.

Catalog Showroom

This is an opportunity for both wholesale and retail sales out of a catalog showroom. The catalog showrooms shown here are successful and profitable.

Crystal Distributor Showroom

This is a wholesale crystal business distribution business opportunity to distribute crystal from the Zawiercie Crystal Factory in Poland. Zawiercie is an Old World Factory of the highest reputation and famous the world over for their crystal.

Wholesale And Retail Amber Business For Trade Fairs And Flea Markets

This is a very simple business, with some unique product, that is easy to start that is easy to start. In this page we show you some pictures of people who have developed their businesses selling these products into very profitable enterprises




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