Amber Buyers Guide

The Amber Buyer’s guide is highly recommended reading for anyone interested in amber.

It is for you if you want to be sure that the amber that you are going to buy his real.

The Amber Buyers Guide is a reference work written in layman’s language so that it is understandable even by those with a limited knowledge of English.

42 pages, with important pictures, it gives you everything you need to avoid amber fraud and misrepresentation. You learn how to be sure to get exactly what you want.

How to protect yourself against amber fraud, misrepresentation and misunderstanding and get exactly what you want.

The Amber Buyers Guide gives you a solution to avoiding the disappointment and financial loss that you experience when you find the amber you bought was misrepresented or not amber at all.

There is a very high probability that you will be presented fake wherever you buy � online, in tourist areas, local shops or jewelry stores.

Huge amount of imitation amber products are produced because retailers, and some wholesalers, by and sell it to the unsuspecting public.

This book is written to give you, the amber buyer, complete information about amber so that you can make reasoned decisions when buying amber either for resale or for your own personal use.
After reading this book you should be able to proceed safely and with confidence and get exactly what you want.

Here is a list of the information in the Amber Buyers Guide.

What Is Baltic Amber – Copal – Baltic Amber Origin – Different Types Of Baltic Amber – Amber Colors – Characteristics Of Baltic Amber – Insect Inclusions – Combating Inclusions Fraud – Natural Amber – Raw Amber And Buying Raw Amber – Natural Baltic Amber – Modified Baltic Amber – Pressed Amber – Improved Amber – Autoclaves – Heated Amber – The Effects Of Heat On Amber – The Effect Of Heat On Medicinal Properties – How Amber Is Processed – Beads – Amber Powder – How To Test Amber – Getting Exactly What You Want – Amber Sellers – Online Sellers – One Off Sellers – Buying In The Aftermarket – Buying In Tourist Areas – How Good Is Your Certificate Of Authenticity

We recommend it strongly.

Be safe, not sorry! Click for more information and to get your copy to read . Amber Buyers Guide.

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