Amber Resin

About amber resin and how to tell if your amber is genuine and not only resin.

The pictures in this page show the difference between products made with amber resins and natural baltic amber. You must be careful in buying amber based on price alone because many amber pieces are fitted with amber resins and not natural baltic amber.

amber resin
Resin And Amber

To the right you see a picture of an amber resin egg. It is made of amber colored resin and has cast into it some natural amber chips that are waste products left over from amber processing for better jewelry. Even though it is a cheap resin with included waste products, it commands a high price, when sold to tourists and inexperienced buyers, because many people think it is the real thing.

Similar amber colored resins are often used in cheap, counterfeit production jewelry. Because amber is at least twice as expensive as silver, production jewelry that has amber resin inserts is much lower in price than jewelry with natural baltic amber. Unfortuneately, most buyers are not able to distinguish the difference between genuine and counterfeit amber.

The yellow piece is natural baltic amber. You can see the marks in it that were left by the ancient tree from which it formed. Such amber, in many different colors is processed into high quality, natural baltic amber jewelry.

amber block

Shown is yellow amber. Natural Amber comes in many different colors. Some is mostly clear and but most opaque like the yellow amber shown here. Occasionally it has some attractive inclusions such as insects, bark, seeds or anything else that was trapped in it when it was still resin on a pine tree millions of years ago. Every piece of natural baltic amber is unique. And it is beautiful.

amber block

Because it is difficult for most people to distinguish between genuine Baltic amber and a counterfeit product, it is important that you are sure of with whom you are dealing for it is that person who is really controlling what you get. In Poland, the amber jewelry industry is rather close knit and who can be relied on is generally known. Of course, there are some out there that buy and resell counterfeit. There always will be. But the word gets around.

There is more information go to Natural Baltic Amber.

And if you are interested in buying amber by contacting factories directly, you may use this form to get more information. Please click here. Polish Product Information Center

Amber Resin
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