About Visiting Pottery Factories

If you plan to visit a Polish pottery factory to buy product, here are some things that you must keep in mind.

Factories do not have inventory on hand other than production overruns. They produce to order. So you cannot visit a factory and get much product, if any at all. And if you can get some, you get what is on hand.

Factories produce to order. It normally takes one month to four months to produce and fill an order. So the most that you can generally accomplish on a visit is to talk with a representative and place an order. You will, of course, be expected to make payment prior to the order being placed into the production queue.

Factories have order minimums. And you will be expected to order at least the minimum. You are well advised to know what the minimum is before you visit the factory.

Factories generally do not take walk in visitors. If you visit without an appointment, you may get to talk with a receptionist. The reason is simple. They are busy with regular customers and do not have time to divert to new, unknown buyers who most often turn out to be tourists trying to by wholesale for their personal pottery collections.

Factories do not give tours. They neither have time nor do they wish to reveal their production process to everyone. Read about that at Boleslawiec Factory Tours

Hundreds of people contact factories every month for appointments, visits and tours. Before granting a visit, the factory qualifies the applicant. In short, they profile. Here is a link to very important information about the process. How To Contact A Factory

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